Windows 7 users finally get faster bug fixes

Even with increased uptake of Windows 8 and 10, millions of people still love Windows 7. It seems to be the most stable platforms as of now. However, the windows update has been seriously slow. Many users have been complaining of updates taking hours and days to install. Many have also seen this as a ploy to force people on Windows 10.

Fortunately, there is an improved version of Windows 7 update as per the November 4 article written by Woody Leonhard. The new version installs the bug fixes in a matter of minutes rather than the hours that most users are accustomed to.

Unfortunately, Microsoft has not made it easier for the users to get the information. Only those that follow him have much of the information.

The process seems a bit complex and intimidating to start. The biggest problems come from the part that involves running Bluetooth on Intel hardware. (It is not clear what the update has to do with Bluetooth). The update process may break Bluetooth. Thus, you need to create an image backup before starting the process. Otherwise, you may lose all your work and incur costs for recovery.


Start by Intel driver update 

It is recommended that you update your Bluetooth driver using Intel driver update utility. The software will install.NET framework version 4.5 without any warning. You will also be asked to join Intel product improvement program.

For you to install the update, you must have a pre-requisite bug fix (KB3177467). Once the fix is installed, you can then download either the 32-bit or the 64-bit version of the (KB3172605). Go offline and ensure that the Windows update is not running.

Reach for the downloaded software and install the .msu file. The installation takes less than a minute. After installation, you should reboot the computer. You can now go online and use the new update. This update creates its own restore point.

If the process seems to be a little complicated, talk to providers that do computer repairs to do it on your behalf. With the update, you will enjoy faster software updates and bug fixes on your Windows 7 machine.

You can un-install the .NET framework 4.5 and reboot the computer especially if you find that the update is slow. This new .NET framework is buggy and so heavy for the machines to interact with it. This version of the Windows Update works on many computers where earlier Windows update may have failed due to one error or the other.