Virtual Data Center

Virtual data center, often referred to as cloud-based data center, has been garnering quite a lot of attention these days. While, by its nature, virtual data centers do not stray far from its traditional counterpart in terms of service provided, the difference lies in the fact that it does not come with a physical infrastructure to that of the traditional ones. Yes, virtual data centers are the unique virtualized representation of traditional data centers. Consisting of basic resources such as memory, processor, networking as well as storage, virtual data centers are also equipped with networking components, storage clusters, and servers which reside in the cloud or virtual space and then hosted by a few data centers.


Interesting, isn’t it? While interesting is an understatement, it’s not the reason why more and more enterprises are switching to virtual data centers these days – and what reason is better than getting a lot of advantages? That’s right. Virtual data centers come with a large number of benefits, check out the following list to find out the benefits one may get from switching to virtual data centers or incorporating them into their existing business’ infrastructure.

  • As a cloud computing infrastructure, the premise of these virtual data centers is none other than giving enterprises the valuable option to add more capacity or upgrade their IT infrastructure without having to purchase and install hardwares which cost an arm and a leg because not only does it require more space, it also requires more energy and manpower.
  • With the infrastructure provided in the cloud system, virtual data centers also give small businesses the option to own an IT infrastructure without having to waste their limited capital to build traditional data centers. As we all know, traditional data centers may run up to millions of dollars in construction – hardwares and operational cost excluded.

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