How effectively a piece of gadget is saving the rural people from adversities!

When it comes to gadgets, the first thing that crosses our mind is mobile phone. The innovation of this gadget is not only developing the world in a faster manner, but the effect of the gadget is clearly visible. You can negate the fact that it is not adding any extra advantage to your life, but you cannot ignore the fact that people from different corner of the world each day gets benefitted from this wonderful thing. This may sound odd to you, but in a rural Asian country every day lots of people could save their lives with the help of this mere innovation!


How you expect it to be

In countries like India, Bangladesh you would find wonderful village life. You will find picturesque villages and you will think that everything is going round the clock but people die every day due to unawareness. In these villages people do not know anything about gadgets. Their life rotates around their village lifestyle and everything that happens every day.  Everything happens following a routine and the same loop repeats every day.

Rural life and its problems

Child birth is a big issue in such places and every day women faces a lot of problem due to the same. The hygiene level of these places is adequately low and thus during the child birth people dies and the family members do not know the proper means of taking care and that is a reason that these women die every day. But things are changing with the innovation of mobile phones and internet. Since they started using mobile phones and they got to know how to use it, they are having no problem at all. The women of these rural villages lead a happy and problem free life with the help of internet.

Using of gadget by the local people

The government of the respective countries also help their people a lot. The government organisations come up with new ideas of public apps. They help rural people, farmers with new apps and giving them the ideas of how to deal with their respective adversities. If you face any problem, that will be handled by the government helpers. Call centres and lots of government officials are there to help you and to take you out of the problems. As these facilities are not easily available in these countries, people need prompt reactions and they get the reaction from their government.

Social workers are active 24*7 for these people

Local bodies are also very much active and whenever a problem is reported, government take necessary actions as soon as possible. Lots of social workers are also there to help these people and enhance their lifestyle with latest gadgets. These social workers visit these places on regular basis and they will be there to help these rural people in everything. They have their help line numbers and through these numbers they will also be there for these people in odd and wee hours. So these social workers are always there helping these people come out of odd situations.