A company that can offer a warranty on your nurse calling system is even better

So you’ve decided to get a nurse calling system for your hospital, nursing home or individual home unit. But which type do you go with and which company to choose from, what with the many choices available on the market. There a certain things you should be looking for in a nurse calling system. The most affordable and advanced models are wireless. There is no need to deal with wires and cables during installation, nor have this unsightly view. This being said, the company installing your nurse calling system should provide aftercare in addition to installation services. It should also be good at this point to search for a company who will do maintenance on the system in the coming years. Due to the vital service that they perform, you would want your nurse calling system to always be in tip top condition. A company that can offer a warranty on your nurse calling system is even better. The wireless system is much easier to upgrade in the future.


This could be a complete overhaul of the system or as simple as changing devices. This is an industry that is changing all the time and if any of these changes seem pleasing to you, then you would want an easy avenue to be able to add them. An example would be of a nurse’s station display monitor being complemented with a wrist watch receiver. The nurse would then not only be notified of a call from a patient when they are here but at any point in the hospital. Being wireless, the quality of the system must be such that it does not interfere with the frequency of other devices. This is especially important in a hospital setting. The system chosen must be able to meet the coverage of the entire building. The range of the device, whether for patients or nurses must be far reaching?

Choose a nurse calling system that provides products that add value to the entire concept. Such an example in this case would be a nurse call software machine. A nurse calling system will allow medical staff to respond to a patients request immediately, just from them pressing a button. The software is there to record this request and allow for management to be able to keep an eye on response times. A nurse calling system that is waterproof will give a telling clue on the quality of the device. In addition to this, they can be placed and taken into water based areas, without being damaged. The bathroom is one place where you would want to have privacy but it is also a place where accidents can happen. For peace of mind, having a nurse calling button on hand here or mounted on the wall, makes for ease of effort in getting help. Since the system is wireless, make sure that the nurse calling system you settle for has a good quality of batteries. Ideally they should last over a year in a busy hospital setting with even greater lengths of time in a home environment.