What does rack mount mean?

A rack mount server is the kind of the hardware component that is positioned in the flat horizontal rack, more willingly than in a perpendicular tower server rack.

A single rack could have numerous servers that are placed one above the other, combining the network resources as well as reducing the necessary floor area. The configuration of rack mont server also makes cabling easier among the network modules. In the equipment rack filled with the servers, an exclusive cooling method is needed to prevent the unnecessary heat upsurge that would else occur when several power-dissipating modules are curbed in a lesser space. Rack mount servers are very expandable, and some of them consist of 12 or more disks right in the framework and support for four or more processors, each having multiple cores.

It grants the capacity to set up more than one in win rack mount server in a particular rack mount server casing. The rack mount server has the following features:


Work as Data Centre:

Rack mount server together with the host, carry out as well as bring about the enterprise app or the function as data center. Intended to save the physical floor room along with the other server assets, rack mount server is normally housed in the horizontal rack frame that could hold a number of servers placed one above each other.

Functions Independently:

The console of the server that is designed for the rack mount servers are in the parallel factor shape, each one of which have its storage, motherboard, processor along with the other input output resources. Each rack-mount server could function independently.

Simple Cabling Network:

The rack server arrangement as well makes the cabling easier between the network components. In the equipment rack that is filled with the servers, particular cooling system is required to stop extreme heat buildup that would take place when a lot of power-dissipating components are kept in any small space.


Another appealing advantage of rack servers is security. The capacity to keep a rack server inside a bureau gives you an additional layer of security from different components, for example, bothers, clean, atmospheres, mischances and significantly more. These servers come in different sizes, which rely upon the designs and tallness. According to the meaning of the EIA, the standard sizes are 1U, 2U, 3U, 4U, 5U, 6U, and 7U. The correct size will rely upon your necessities.

With regards to picking a rack mounted server, ventilation is maybe the most essential thing to consider. Getting a costly shiny new rack mounted server won’t be effective in an inadequately ventilated region. The exact opposite thing you need is an emergency as this will set you back a huge number of dollars. Thus, before you buy and introduce this kind of server, it’s prudent to counsel a specialist and they will suggest the perfect ventilation framework and give you tips on the most proficient method to keep your server performing ideally all through its lifetime. The storage room is something else to consider and fortunately, an expert will have the capacity to manage you on that too.