The Benefits and Drawbacks of Cloud Computing

Cloud computing has been an IT buzzword for several years. As more people get used to using the technology every day, it’s growing and evolving to meet the renewed challenges of the business environment.

The one sure thing is that take-up will continue to increase. Today, the benefits initially brought to larger organisations are being enjoyed by medium-sized and smaller companies too.

What’s Good about the Cloud?

The biggest advantage of basing your data in the cloud is that it comes with almost unlimited storage capacity. Gone are the days of clearing out your data records or investing in extra servers to meet your needs. Your host does all that so you won’t need to worry about it.

The other great advantage of the cloud is that it’s more securely backed up. Once again this is something the service provider does, so it’s a cost and a branch of technology that you no longer need to deal with yourself. The supplier has the best expertise available, so if you lose data, restoring it should be relatively straightforward. Best of all, if your physical workplace suffers a natural disaster, such as a flood or fire, your data will be safely stored elsewhere.

It’s All Money Saved

Using the cloud to store data and centralise tasks will save you money. You won’t have to buy and maintain the necessary technology, nor will you need to employ expensive IT personnel. And that’s not all. Using the cloud is very cost efficient in terms of software, licences, maintenance, and upgrades. Because numerous companies and individuals use cloud technology, you’ll also benefit from economies of scale. All you have to do is pay for the services you use.

Easy and Quick

Using the cloud is quick and easy. Somebody else takes care of your technology, leaving you free to concentrate your resources on your core business function. Software updates are undertaken without a fuss, and your data is available securely and on demand. The best virus protections will be applied and kept up to date, so you’ll have almost complete peace of mind.

It’s Not All Plain Sailing

That all sounds very rosy of course but, like all technologies, cloud computing has its problems. When you use the cloud, your data access is only as good as your internet connection. Opening large files may take longer than if they’re stored on your own local drive, whilst occasional data outages can happen too.

Cloud storage is also an attractive target for hackers. Whilst it tends to have the best protection around, it’ll still represent a tastier target than your own local network.

But Don’t Be Put Off

These disadvantages are real, but they’re reducing every year. The cloud is just another way of outsourcing complex technology to a supplier with better and more specialised expertise than most small companies can afford.

We all depend on our IT infrastructure these days, and finding ways of reducing costs whilst maintaining efficiency can sometimes be a struggle. If you need help from a friendly approachable team to advise you on cloud computing and your other IT needs, get in touch with Everything Tech today.